Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Incidental Art

One of the things we are trying to show in this blog is how one can make great things by coming about them incidentally. You sort of stumble across something that looks great or is useful. One definition of "incidental" is: liable to happen as a consequence of (an activity). You have to be doing something first in order for something incidental to happen.

So, one day, I was sketching without any thought of what an end result might be - I just went where my pen took me. I started making lines cross over themselves, creating new shapes within the first layer of lines.

I created more shapes this way, with more of a plan this time.

Soon I got the idea to show the insides of something as if you could see straight through the first layer of something, as you can with these hash lines. I tried this with a whale. I first found a picture from Google that shows some of the insides of a whale, then sketched the outlines in pencil. Finally, I filled in those shapes with hash lines in pen, going opposite directions whenever something was up against another thing.

I soon realized I could create an entire collection of sea creatures with this method! I only have 3 in my collection now, but I would like to continue this collection, and perhaps even make more collections, such as insects, birds, endangered animals etc.

I did not write this post so that you could copy my drawings, but to inspire you to draw something all your own. All you have to do is pick up some paper and a pencil or pen, and start scribbling, doodling, dotting, whatever your hand feels like doing. You will soon invent a new doodle, a new way to draw something, or something entirely different. But you won't know unless you take that first step!

Send us your doodles, and we may feature them in a blog post!

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