Sunday, June 2, 2013


Heather & Jessica

Oftentimes, the making of something is incidental - unplanned - like the music of a wind chime. Inspiration and the creative impulse breeze through our minds, and we make things. The two of us are driven by different visions and skills; together, we are Jack (as in "of all trades").

We are so excited to begin sharing the results of our creative impulses with you. This is a blog that celebrates the making of things: food, decor, hats, plates, books, pretties, and anything else that we can make.

It is our dream to someday open an Etsy shop to share our creations with everyone, and we hope to feature guest posts from the beautiful and creative people in our lives. We're looking forward to seeing where this new adventures will take us!

So, welcome! And come back soon!
(Heather & Jessica)

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